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Skydiving Disciplines

The Skydivers page is the main source of information for new and experienced skydivers. Each discipline is overseen by a Technical Advisor who is a specialist in that subject. It includes: everything a skydiver needs to know about the different disciplines within skydiving; a new-to-skydiving section, for potential skydivers to learn about the different types of skydiving courses; information on advanced parachute courses and coaches, who specialise in teaching high performance canopy skills. Skydiving disciplines include:

Technical Advisors

Meet our team of Technical Advisors. They are all experts in skydiving who have demonstrated their ability by competing or coaching, and hold the highest qualifications in their chosen discipline. If you're seeking advice from a world class parachuting or freefall coach, you'll find them here.

Videos and Photos

Download or view Skydiving Videos and Photos which show every aspect of skydiving. Potential skydivers can watch students going through an AFF training course or watch some tandem skydives to see the excitement from genuine students. We have a community upload area so everyone can view videos and photos from skydivers around the world. We also include skydiving related books and films with reviews from skydivers.

Drop Zones

Skydiving Drop Zones are listed in the most up to date and detailed directory currently available. If a drop zone's not listed here then beware, because it's probably not an approved drop zone or parachute centre. Take a look at our map system which shows the location of all parachute centres around the world, which will help you to do your research before travelling abroad to skydive. Drop Zones are also referred to as skydiving centres or skydiving clubs

The Skydiving Directory includes: wind tunnels, parachute display teams, manufacturers, parachute associations, skydiving magazines, parachute instructors and riggers, boogie organisers, aircraft suppliers; basically all types of skydiving companies within the industry.

Charity Skydive

Raise money for your favourite charity and enjoy the thrill of a Charity Skydive by doing a tandem jump, an AFF level 1 skydive or a static line jump.

Training Manuals

The Skydiving Instructors training manual and Parachute Rigging training manual includes: training courses, how to qualify, equipment manuals, parachute association rules and regulations, documentation and lesson plans, presentations and much more. Also, advice form experienced instructors and riggers with a proven history of excellence in their chosen speciality.

Safety Information Database

Use the Safety Information Database and confirm, that your parachute equipment has no outstanding safety notices / bulletins against it. A quick search can reveal a major safety update or just a new packing recommendation; basically anything related with the safe use of your parachute equipment. It also has our education and training section for reserve packers and riggers, who can learn from previous incidents and prevent repetitive mistakes from recurring.

Confidential Reporting System

Read, download or print the Confidential Reports which show real skydiving problems and how to prevent them from being repeated. Each year all reports are analysed for common repetitive problems, and a report issued with recommendations to keep skydivers safe at all levels of experience. Parachuting accidents can be prevented by knowing what can go wrong, and how to make sure it doesn't happen to you.

Diary of Events

Check the Skydivers Diary to find out what's on around the world. You can plan a weekend at a local drop zone or a holiday to one of the large skydiving boogies in a country of your choice. Find out about skydiving competitions, boogies, courses and much more.

Skydiving Forums

Join the Skydiving Forums and exchange views on all aspects of skydiving, including safety, instructing, rigging, events, rules, regulations and much more. Keep up to date with the latest parachute developments.

Classified Advertisements

Are you selling or do you want to buy used skydiving equipment? The plans we have for an international rigging support system will allow skydivers to Buy with Confidence. Parachuting with the wrong type of equipment puts you in a higher risk bracket, therefore it's important to choose wisely and put safety first; especially when buying used equipment.

Learn to Skydive

This Skydive Safety website has been designed for people within the sport, however, many potential skydivers will view this site so it would not be complete without a Learn to Skydive section. Potential skydivers can see what's available and where to find their local - approved - parachute club or school, to take up the exhilarating sport. Skydiving - or Sky Diving as some non skydivers call it - is a growing sport, and it's important to train at an approved parachute centre with qualified and experience instructors . Whether you're looking for an accelerated freefall course (AFF), a tandem skydive or a static line course - sometimes referred to as RAPS - all the information is available here. We also include how to arrange a Charity Jump and raise money for a good cause, while having the time of your life. A skydiving holiday / vacation can be a gamble at times and it's important to know if your foreign skydiving qualification will be valid when you return to your own country; don't believe the course supplier, do your own research. learn to parachute safely with skydiving lessons from professional instructors.

Parachute Equipment

The Parachute Equipment section lists skydiving equipment that is currently available from around the world. Skydivers can research and compare different parachutes and containers. It has links to all the manufacturers website's for more detailed information, and a list of dealers who sell their equipment.

Community Centre

Keep in touch with friends, share videos, photos, you can set up individual and group profiles. Why not setup a skydive club or team profile? and have your own local Skydiving Community for all to see.


Skydiving is no different to other industries in the sense that we also have some Rogue Traders. Thankfully they are few and far between. Reading about incidents from other skydivers can help you to avoid being conned, both deliberately and inadvertently.


Advertise your job vacancies and promote them to a large skydiving audience in our Job Opportunities section. Qualified skydivers can also promote themselves and the type of jobs they're looking for.

Real Stories

Share your Skydiving Story with other skydivers. They can be amusing, surprising or even those "I was lucky to get away with that" stories. Now you can write your story for all to read, which can be from a named author or anonymous, as long as it's entertaining or educational.

Safety Tips

Throughout the website you will come across many Skydiving Safety Tips. Each one is written as a reminder to highlight the common reasons as to why incidents occur. They are linked to a detailed explanation and real incidents for their educational value. The safety tips page is a full list of every safety tip.

Skydiving Stunts

Many Skydiving Stunts for the TV and Film industry, have been performed by professional skydivers who have proven to be at the top of their game. This section shows the films, TV programme's and advertisements that have included skydiving. It shows how the stunts were performed and by who.

Wind Tunnels

Find a Wind Tunnel in the most up to date and detailed directory currently available. Our map system shows wind tunnels - sometimes referred to as Indoor Skydiving - in locations all around the world. Wind tunnels allow skydivers to improve their freefall skills; they also allow non skydivers to learn to fly, without the risks associated with skydiving. A Little time in a wind tunnel prior to attending an AFF course is worth the investment.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base pages include educational and informative articles on every aspect of skydiving; written by industry professionals who have proven themselves in their chosen speciality. The skydivers page links to the Knowledge Base General which is for all skydivers. The instructors manual links to Knowledge Base Instructors which is for potential and qualified instructors. The rigging manual links to Knowledge Base Rigging which is for all reserve packers, riggers and potential riggers.

Skydiving Glossary

Skydiving like any other sport has its own names and terms. The Skydiving Glossary section helps new skydivers learn and understand all the jargon used in skydiving. Some skydivers as well as none skydivers get confused; for example which is correct: Skydiving or Sky Diving, Dropzones or Drop Zones, Skydive or Sky Dive, Freefly or Free Fly, FreeFall or Free Fall. These are common mistakes which are easily accepted and understood, however, other terms such as: AAD, RAPS, AFF, FAI, Floater, BPA, GATW, BASE, Dirt Dive, Indoor Skydiving and many more need to be learnt. If you're new to skydiving check out our skydiving jargon.

Lost or Stolen Kit

This section has a list of all lost or stolen parachute equipment, that's been reported through the safety information database.

New Kit sales

This section has a list of new parachute equipment for sale, that's ready to ship.

Skydiving Books and Films

These sections have a list of books and films about skydiving, or show skydiving as part of their story.

Site Map

Safety Tip - Have you cutaway and deplyed your reserve prior to a reserve repack?

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