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Safety Information Database

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The database is a unique bespoke system designed to entice individuals and companies to join together for the passage of all types of safety information, it is a real time up to date database for all skydivers and riggers.

Safety notices are a fact of life, they are issued by manufactures, parachute associations or government agencies to keep skydivers updated and safe, as skydivers our equipment then gets upgraded or modified accordingly.

Safety Notices


However the system has many problems and the task of making sure our equipment is free from any safety notices. Safety notices / bulletins has proven to be a very difficult task and not surprisingly as there are over 979 safety notice sheets on parachute equipment. This is no longer a task that can be left to searching files which when placed on top of each otherare 10" high (250mm)

The Safety Information Database means that:

• We no longer have to rely on memory which has been the basis of every list previously used
• We no longer have to rely on a paper trail with information being lost
• New packers, riggers, instructors, etc can now learn from other peoples mistakes by using the safety database, equipment study guide
• One source means its the fastest and most reliable method to ensure a rig has no safety notices pending
• Easy to use and always up to date
• Totally unbiased international system, no borders or rules to prevent or delay passage of information
• Safety Information is available to view and print
• Real time passage of information direct from manufacturers, parachute associations to the skydiving industry with one click of a button
• E-mail support system, write in with any inquiry about either the safety notice database or your equipment concerns

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By Allan Hewitt - BPA Rigger Examiner

View the powerpoint presentation given at the 2008 Symposium

The Safety Information Database has been designed for use by the skydiving industry, it allows for a quick search of safety reports relevant to specific products, also for the education and training of industry qualified personnel to learn from and prevent repetitive mistakes at all levels.

Allan hewitt