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Here's an example of a helmet that's been fitted with a quick release handle.

There are many different squeeze buckle designs available, so testing the release is important. On some, a simple loop around the buckle works fine but on others you'll need to modify the buckle by drilling two small holes to ensure that it'll release when pulled in the majority of directions.

The position of the release handle depends on where your buckle is situated. I swapped my buckle to the right side because I prefer to use my right hand, but it can also be reached with my left hand if required.

I've also added a red tab to make it easier to open my visor when I'm wearing gloves.

This kit is available so you can modify your helmet with a quick release handle.

The complete kit comprises of a handle with a finger trapped loop and pile velcro all stitched together. It also comes with a strip of sticky backed hook velcro and a piece of cypres line.

Fitting The Quick Release Handle

Position the loop around the buckle, pull the buckle away from the helmet and check the

position of the release handle so it doesn't put a load on the buckle when it's not required.

Place the hook velcro onto the helmet and fit the handle in place.

Test the release while wearing the helmet and the strap has been tightened. If it releases every time then the job is done.

If the release doesn't work every time then you may need to drill two small holes into the release buckle so that the cypres line can be used to centre the pull direction.

Pulling side ways doesn't release very well so practise your pull direction just like your reserve drills.

Beware, you can quite easilly break the buckle so before drilling any holes make sure there is no other alternative.

Make sure that the cypres line does not prevent the buckle from closing properly by keeping it between the buckle groves and threading it through the webbing before tieing it off.

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Helmet Quick Release System

This quick release system can be used on any helmet that has a plastic release buckle, sometimes called a squeeze buckle or a fastex buckle.

It's been designed to release the helmet in case of an emergency when a GoPro or a similar small camera is fitted

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