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Skydiving Stunt Registration

The Skydive Safety stunt register is a database of professional skydivers, who can be available for TV and film work. The database is available to Producers, Directors, Stunt Coordinators and Production Staff.

One of the biggest problems when coordinating a skydiving stunt for a TV or film company, is finding qualified and experienced skydivers who fit the role, and who can be available at short notice as well as being a good double for the actor or actress they have to double for. More Information

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More Information

The benefits for working on a TV or film project are good, but this work requires a great deal of commitment and usually means long hours. The higher the risk the higher the pay bracket, therefore ground crew do receive less, even though they play a vital part.

It's important to keep your profile up to date so stunt coordinators can make the best selection that suits their needs. Be honest and accurate as your profile will be examined in detail before any work is offered.

If you have less than 1,000 jumps then it's unlikely that you will be hired for a skydiving stunt unless you are of a very high standard in a particular skill, however, other jobs may be offered such as ground crew, packing, rigging or work that requires a normal skydive.


Include your top five credits in the Film and TV section, and list all your credits in your CV's