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Allan Hewitt Job Title Skydiving Stunt Coordinator
Film Credits Tomorrow Never Dies - The World is Not Enough - Die Another Day - Tomb Raider - Tomb Raider II - Mr Lonely - Band Of Brothers - The Avengers
TV Credits True Heros - Seconds to Impact - You Bet - Gordon The Gofer
Qualified in FS - CF - AFF - Tandem - Rigging - Freefall Cameraman - Military Parachutist
Speciality Rigging and customising parachute equipment for special requirements
Jump Numbers 6,000 Age 52
Website Height 1.7 Mtrs
Gender Male Weight 82 Kgs
Nationality British Country Holland

Advice To Employers

Selecting a professional skydiver for a skydiving stunt is not an easy task, a world champion skydiver in one skydiving discipline, could be extremely unsafe if placed in a situation outside of his/her proven qualification or skill.

Currency is also an extremely important factor to consider before employing a skydiving stunt person.

Most skydiving stunts require modifying equipment to suit the needs of the director, this must be done by a professional parachute rigger not just a stunt skydiver.

Contact Sky Science for further information. Allan has taken part in, and coordinated skydiving stunts for producers and stunt coordinators; including Simon Crane and Vic Armstrong.

TV and Film Credits

The top five credits in both the TV and Film categories are shown in the profile, the remainder can be seen within the skydivers CV.

The film & TV credits listed in the search criteria are an indication that they've had at least 5 paid jobs within these industries, as a skydiving professional. The actual details will be included in their CV

Skydiving Professionals

This is a database of skydiving professional available for TV and film work

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Advice To Employers

Hiring skydivers to do a skydiving stunt successfully requires a good knowledge of the skydiving industry.

Read some advice from an experienced skydiver with both TV & Film Experience

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